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Bloodwork & Labs

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Regular blood testing is one of the most important ways to keep track of your overall physical well-being. Getting tested at routine intervals can allow you to see how your body changes over time and empower you to make informed decisions about your health.

Some blood tests can help your healthcare provider determine how different organs in your body are working. Examples of organs whose malfunctions can be visible in a blood test include your thyroid, liver, or kidneys.

Blood tests can also identify markers of diseases and health conditions such as:

  • Diabetes

  • HIV

  • Anemia

  • Cancer

  • Coronary heart disease

Even if a person does not have heart disease, a blood test can show whether they may be at risk of developing the condition. Other blood tests can indicate whether your medications are working properly or assess how well your blood is clotting.

10 Important Blood Tests:

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Basic Metabolic Panel

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

  • Lipid Panel

  • Thyroid Panel

  • Cardiac Biomarkers

  • Sexually Transmitted Infection tests

  • Coagulation panel

  • DHEA-Sulphate serum test

  • C-Reactive protein test

  • A1C

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